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You will also find our store's offer pressure air tanks which are designed to store gas or air under pressure. The most common are vertical or horizontal tanks made of stainless steel, carbon steel, powder coated, galvanized or galvanized. FROMpressure air receivers <span> are equipped with fittings, which usually consist off = "">safety valve , ball valve and drain tube, pressure gauge and gauge cock. They play an extremely important role as a pressure stabilizer in the network.

Pressurized air tanks

Pressurized air tanks main ones are most often used in a compressor room with a compressor and aftercooler, as well as with their units. They control the compressor and cool the compressed air. The auxiliary tank is installed at the points of consumption of variable and large doses of compressed air. They are designed to minimize the pressure drop in a given seat in the event of large, sudden spikes in demand. Air pressure tanksnon-linearshould be selected in terms of the size and nature of air intake and the capacity of the adjacent compressor.

Centrifugal fans and other elements

In the rich catalog of our store you will also find radial fans. These are rotating devices commonly known as blowers. They are usually driven withf = "">electric motor. Their task is to extract polluted air. Centrifugal fansthey have a number of applications in places that require ventilation, they are often found, for example, in an air handling unit or air conditioning unit. These are extremely useful devices that allow you to thoroughly clean the air in a given place.

We also offer flow switches which are used to display and monitor the flow of gaseous and liquid media. They are characterized by switching accuracy and functional safety as well as low hysteresis switching and continuously adjustable switching point by the operator. In our store you will also find deal blocksherbaceous <span>. They are used to divide energy and power from one main circuit into several smaller ones. The bridges are mounted on a surface or on TH-35 rails located in ">electrical switchboards.

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