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we offerprofessional 3d printersoperating in both sla and dlp technology. They are very similar methods of producing prototypes that are based on the same materials. The sla technology is the oldest 3D printing method in the world. It was developed in 1984 and then gradually transformed. It is based on a 3D dlp print that is characterized by a bit more accuracy.

D3d printing in sla and dlp technology

Stereolithography (sla) and Digital Light Processing (dlp) belong to the group of techniques that use the photopolymerization process. The printed object is created by hardeninghref = "">photopolymer resin light from a laser or projector.

3d printer slacures liquid resin with laser light. As a result of the photopolymerization process, unbreakable and strong bonds are formed between subsequent molecules. Manufactured in the sla d technology3d rukcreates very durable models and the process is irreversible. A manufactured object cannot be brought back into liquid form.

It works in a similar way dlp printer.The device also uses photosensitive materials, but cures them with a special projector built into the printer. The accuracy that the printing will have3d,determines the size of the irradiated pixel. In models, vwhich require a very high visibility of details, several projectors were used to increase the working area. The presented technology is extremely precise and guarantees a perfect, very smooth surface of the prints.

3D printing sla and dlp - technical specification and application

In the case of sla and dlp printers, most of the 3d printing parameters are automatically set by the manufacturers. Most often, the user cannot manipulate them. On the other hand, the parameters that can be changed include the height of the hardened material layer and the orientation of the model, which affects the position of the support structures. 3d printing sla </ b>and dlp are formed with the use of thermosetting liquid photopolymer resins. The created objects are most often used as functional models.f = "">3D printers are used in many industries, medicine and jewelry, because they obtain high dimensional and shape accuracy of the printed models and are extremely precise.

You will find in our assortmentvarious types 3d printers. is characterized by a large selection of equipment at very low prices. We offer devices that produce 3d printing fdm, weak and longp. We guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves here.

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