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Line, cross and point lasers

Line lasers,cross line lasers and spotlightsare widely used in the 3D printing industry. They are also ideal for use on machines in sawmills and plants producing metal parts. They are also used in the stone industry. They make it possible to increase the efficiency of daily work and eliminate potential errors. If you are looking for reliable line lasers for a multirip saw, sawmill or other devices, is the right place. Our offer includes certified products with a different power spectrum and line width, which are equipped with the highest quality components - Osram diodes ( green line laser) and Mitsubishi (red line laser).

Top-quality 3D lasers

Our offer is also created by 360 DeWalt line lasersand Bosch used in general construction and finishing works. DeWalt line lasers and Bosch line lasersmark lines in the range of 360 °, allowing for quick and precise determination of the vertical or horizontal. One of the most-chosen models of this type is the Bosch PLL 360 line laser equipped with the automatic leveling function. In the assortment of you will also find the highest quality measurement lasers. Laser3D measuringit is an excellent alternative to traditional measuring tools. Moreover, offered 3D lasersare available at an attractive price. Enjoy your shopping!

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