Gearboxes and gearmotors

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Gearboxes and gearmotors

NORD SK 100L/4

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How do geared motors work?

A geared motor is a driving device which consists of an electric drive and a mechanical transmission. In less common variants geared motorsthey also have one-way clutches or a brake. Whilef = "">traditional electric motorsthey reach high speed atrelatively low torque, thanks to geared motors the reverse is possible. Thanks to this, electric motors can be used, among others in industrial automation.

Gear motor gear it is equipped with pairs of gears, and its main task is to transfer the power generated by the engine to the part of the working machine. The construction of the gearbox is determined, among others, by about that, what loads can the gear motor work withuktor.

Types of geared motors

There are several kinds geared motors , witheach of which has different characteristics. Division of geared motors applies to the type of transmission used in a given model. Thus, the following can be distinguished types of geared motors :

  • geared motor planetary- equipped with a planetary gear,
  • flat geared motors - with a cylindrical gear,
  • gear motorconical - equipped with a bevel gear,
  • worm gear motors - a worm gear works in them,
  • geared motorscylindrical- are equipped with a cylindrical gear.

Both flat geared motors and cylindrical gears have cylindrical gears, but in the case of flat models, the construction of this element allows you to add a few additional stages of the gear ratio.

The most popular in this group are geared motorswormy. They are used in devices that need high reduction compared to low power. An important advantage of this type of devices is also self-braking in emergency situations. Worm gear motors they also have the simplest design, which also translates into their use in many machines. Check also oursps: // ">relays anddrivers.

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