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Servo controllers - concept, types and application

Servo controllers also called servo driversare technologically advanced modules used to control the operating parametershref = "">servo. Through a dedicated interfacechange the control signal to the desired movement of the controls . Servo controllers are an essential component of almost every RC model. They are also used in robotics, especially inef = "">industrial automation .

The controllers control the operation of servo drives in the systems in which precise movement at low speeds is necessary or the dynamics of movement itself is characterized by high intensity. Servo controllers can be classified based on the interface they support. The most popular systems are Modbus RTU, CANopen, SSCNET, RS232andRS485.


In this category of our online store you will find servo motor controllers . These are drivers, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the required effect in the form of an appropriate position, number of revolutions or speed of the servo. We only offer a high-quality assortment.

Dywe will sell not only new products, but also used drivers from brands such as Mitsubishi, Vexta, Melsec-Q, ifTHK. Each controller used has been checked for technical efficiency and is ready for use as intendedf = "">engine. Our specialists will provide you with detailed information on individual models. We invite you to contact us directly and check product cards.

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