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Stepper motors

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Stepper motorsthiselectric motorspowered by pulses with electric current, which causes the rotor to shift by a strictly defined angle depending on the type of motor. Our offer includes bipolar (4 outlets) and unipolar (5 or 6 outlets) motors. Stepper motors of different power and torque are used in automation - for regulating and measuring devices, as well as for controlling the movement of machines.

Strongstep kits - concept, types and application

Available from stepper motorsare impulse electric current drive units. In such systems, the rotor is shifted by a precisely defined angle, depending on the type of motor. The parameter that is most often paid attention to when selecting stepper motors is their resolution. It describes the degree of accuracy and is given in pulses (steps) per revolution. In addition to the resolution, these motors may also differ in the number of outputs - because of it, we divide them into bipolar (from 4outputs) andunipolar(with 5 or 6 pins).Stepper motorsare mainly used in automation and robotics. They can be found in regulating or measuring devices. In addition, they are used for= "">controlling the movement of machines.


Our offer includes stepper motors of various sizesresolution, power and torque. We offer both bi- and unipolar models. All proposed products come from renowned manufacturers, so our customers can be sure of their highest quality. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our store, which also ">AC and DC motors and enginesBrushless BLDC.

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