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Servo amplifierstheir role is to steerhref = "źniki">servo motoraccording to the control signal that is obtained from the positioning module. Based on the feedback from= "">the encoder,amplifierhas the ability to control their proper work, as well as to correct any errors.

The servo amplifier the most important information about the device

Servo amplifierit can be used as a drive controller wherever maximum flexibility and safety are required. It has the ability to support all devices that operate in a feedback loop, and is also easy to integrate into your existing system environment. In addition, it can be used in standard systems available on the market. This device comes in several versions. Its basic model is responsible for safe torque off and thus enables the implementation of drive-integrated safety functions up to PL with each successive element in the feedback loop, regardless of the encord type.

Advantages of amplifiers:/ span>

  • have a fast and flexible format response and cycle realization thanks to modern technologyservo drives,
  • thanks to them, the machines have greater availability and eliminate unnecessary downtime,
  • ensure an optimal energy balance thanks to the connection of the intermediate circuit with an intelligent ballast circuit without the need for external circuits,
  • have individual consultation and support from its configuration to its commissioning.

Servo amplifiersthey also perform diagnostic functions related to speed, torque and"">power supply. They can be used in various industries, as well as in devices, among which we distinguish: machine tools, packaging and printing machines, paper production or robotics.

The amplifiers are universal devices and their use in industry

Offered by our storeamplifiersare used for brush, brushless and stepper motors. In addition, they are panel mountable and provide flexible installation. The industrial series servo drives are fully functional amplifiers with connectors, EMI shielding and PE grounding, making them suitable for harsh industrial environments. Their enhanced version is intended in particular for use by the military. Servo ampnihilit uses a dynamic brake that absorbs the inertia energy produced by the servo motor.Thanks to this, it can be stopped in a certain position.

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