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Relays are electrical or electronic devices designed to produce a steady state sudden change in state in one or more circuits. In addition, they can be responsible for enabling and= "">turning off the device , and also affect the operation of devices located in"ów">control system .

Time relays - construction and principles of operation

Time relays are used for time control inhref = "">industrial and home automation systems . They can be found in ventilation, heating, lighting and signaling. Their task is to implement the selected work function in accordance with the set working time regime. The selection of a specific time range and functions of the relay operation consists in setting a combination of rotary code switches.ttps: // ">Time relay Moeller ETR-11-A , which is available in our offer, has the following features:

  • rated voltage 24-24OV,
  • the type of control voltage is AC / DC,
  • rated operational current le 3A,
  • thermal current Ith 6A,
  • contact 1 alternating.

UnitOne of the most popular industrial relays is the electromagnetic relay. It consists of two basic parts, namely the coil and contacts. If you want to make the contacts of the relay open or close, you must first actuate the electromagnet coil, i.e. apply voltage to it. Then the current flowing in the coil causes a magnetic field, thanks to which the steel armature responsible for closing or opening the contact or the contact groups is attracted.

Relays bstable its function and application

A bistable relay, like other types of relays, is also responsible for controlling the energy flow in electrical circuits. Based on the user's activity, it sends a signal to close or open an electrical circuit. It is responsible for the correct activation and deactivation of the receiver. An example of its use can be lighting or extinguishing a lamp. Will transmitki bistablecan remain stable in two states, i.e. ON and OFF. This is because they can generate two types of system control impulses. Thanks to this, you can easily reduce the consumption of electricity and use it in other applications.

In our assortment you can find additionally 230 V relays, which are used to control devices from, for example, the control panel by means of 12 V. They can also be controlled from other devices. 12 V relays They can also be used to control devices with high power consumption through the OC inputs of alarm systems.

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