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MV / LV switching devices

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LV (low voltage) apparatus used, among others, in in the construction of low voltage switchgear, such as switchboards and LV cable connectors. The offer includes switch disconnectors (with independent drive), 2-, 3-, 4-pole, switch disconnectors with fuses, switch disconnectors- contactors ">vertical fuse switch disconnectors (vertical) UK 00,1,2,3 and cassette switches 00,1,2,3 as well as cam switches.

MV / LV switching devices

Switchgear is a system that protects devices against short circuits. The online store cares about the safety of its customers and provides the highest quality products. Thanks to this, by purchasing from us, you gain a guarantee and the reliability of the materials and elements we offer, necessary for the proper functioning of other devices.

Switchgear and its use

Safety and protection against unexpected short circuits that can cause a lot of damage are extremely important. Therefore, among the products we offer you can find, among others:

Thanks powWe can provide extraordinary low-voltage protection to higher elements. They are used primarily in table drills, wood saws and metal cutters. The connectors include a winding thermal sensor, over-current protection, connection terminals, ring terminals, and an additional wire core for the thermal sensor. In addition, it is worth noting that the entire apparatus must be properly selected for the application in terms of load capacity and voltage range. These are just a few of the presented elements, our website has a much wider selection, so each of our clients will find necessary and interesting products.

Electrical connectorscumulative - types and purpose

Electrical connectors are devices that are used in high voltage places. They are primarily used to turn current on and off in one or more electrical circuits. The switches are divided according to the type of current used. We can divide them into direct and alternating current switches or universal switches, which have recently become very popular. We also distinguish switches divided according to the type of voltage. There are high-voltage and low-voltage switches available on the market. In addition, you can also find mechanical switches, in which the switching on and off of the current is carried out by means of special mechanical separable contacts. There are also hybrid connectors that combine the elementssemiconductor and mechanical devices.

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