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Motor circuit breakers

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Moeller 401S2 Switch Moeller 401S2 Switch_1
Motor circuit breakers

Moeller 401S2 Switch

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Motor circuit breakers they perform many functions - in addition to device protection, they are also designed to connect and separate circuits with the load. They provide protection in the event of a short circuit, overload or start-up. It is advisable to use the switch because starting the engine requires more power / en / 237-power-switches ">ordinary power switches might fail the exam.

Single-phase motor circuit breakers - general characteristics

There are two types of single-phase and three-phase motor circuit breakers. Single-phase motor circuit breaker ensures correct operation of the motor and the transfer of current only when the rated current flows in the circuit. All exceptions to the rule result in an immediate disconnection of the current. It is worth knowing that each motor should be properly protected against the occurrence of dangerous failures that may be the result of a malfunctioning electrical system. Motor circuit breakery in the housingit is used to protect devices and provides practically full protection against short-circuits or overloads.

Short downtime of machines and installations during operation requires the devices to be constantly ready to resume operation. Motor circuit breaker simultaneously implements short-circuit protection and overload protection. The basic condition is to select a circuit breaker for the phase current.= ""> 3-phase motor circuit breaker it will be especially important at the moment of connection, when engine start-up requires more power. Motor protections are also recommended in the case of devices operating in difficult environmental conditions, as well as in the case of an increased risk of a short circuit or phase loss. It is worth remembering ">three-phase circuit breaker it must act immediately in the event of a phase failure. motor circuit breakers - construction and high quality of our products

Motor circuit breaker consists of a thermal release and an electromagnetic release. Their choice depends on the type of release, type of accessory, method of mounting and type of electrical connection. Our online store offers excellent quality motor circuit breakers. The catalog available on the website gives you the opportunity to analyze all the products we offer. Thanks to this, our clients can adjust all elements of the device to their individual needs.

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