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In our store's offer you will find devices such as pressure regulators storemade sure that each of the products available to you is characterized by the highest durability and failure-free operation despite the long time of use. Thanks to this our rulepressure tracks are one of the best choices on the market that will surely meet all your expectations. Each properly made installation should be equipped with a regulator, which will ensure its good efficiency. We encourage you to check our range, where you will surely find the perfect product for yourself!

Hydraulic pressure regulation

Pressure regulator in option of direct action is a regulatory device. Its measuring system takes the energy that is necessary to work from the medium, and also generates a force that is sufficient to move the element called the adjusting device. RegulatorsThey consist of an actuator which, due to the pressure, opens or closes the valve, and a control valve. These are so-called proportional regulators that control the medium. Any deviation from the selected value is assigned a selected valve position.

Pressure regulator - application

Pressure regulators we install it behind the water meter and water filter, which is located on the main pipepower. It is also possible to install it in zones, and more precisely on the duct of heaters and tanks. This is a rarely used application and is usually used when it is not possible to install the regulator on the main connection. It is also worth remembering that the regulatorshould be mounted between shut-off valves . This enables its maintenance and setting.

Regulatorswe use it when the resting pressure in a given installation exceeds 5 bar. Also pressure regulator should be installed when the value of resting pressure upstream of the safety valve exceeds 80% of its opening pressure. The pressure should be adjusted to the capabilities of the devices and systems in the installation. Thanks to appropriately selected elements from our store, the installation will certainly work flawlessly. Check what regulators we have prepared for you in our offer, check out our other categories, such ashref = "">pneumatic regulatorsandother regulators !

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