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In our store you will find3d filamentsmade of various thermoplastics. They have a variety of physical and chemical properties. Classic3d materials are spools made of pla,pet-g filamentorabs filaments. They can be used by hobbyists and beginners, because they do not cause major problems for users. In turn, when you are looking for a durable plastic that will work in difficult conditions, choose the fila we offermentace.

ASA filament - a material designed for special tasks

ASA filamentis a thermoplastic material whose full name is acrylonitrile styrene acrylate. It has remarkable physical properties. It can be used outdoors because it is resistant to weather conditions such as moisture, sunlight or high temperatures. It does not deform under the influence of heat, and the UV rays do not discolor the model.

Filamentbelongs to the universal consumables, so it can be used in many 3D printers. It should be remembered that the material requires a temperature of 200 ℃ to 240 ℃ and a heated workbench in the rangeresume 90-110 ℃. After printing, the models are characterized by a shiny, smooth surface and strong, saturated colors. The prototypes are characterized by an aesthetic appearance and high quality of reproduced details. It is worth mentioning that the details can be machined later: grind, trim edges or drill holes. We offer filamentsace in the form of a classic fiber with a diameter of 1.75 mm. The natural variant is beige, but you will also find material colored in red, black, orange, green or blue.

ASA filaments - application

Offered3d materials they are most often used in the production of vehicles, mechanical structures, and everyday objects. They are widely used in production processes because ace prototypes are extremely durable. The filament is often used to make garden and workshop parts, as well as car parts, which include housings for mirrors and sensors, covers and radiator covers.

In onIn our store, we offer ace filaments, targeted at all users of 3D printers. If your project requires a durable material, the material presented will be one of the best choices.

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