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Low-power lasers for shorter distances

Standard line lasersare characterized by good quality and affordable price. Due to their relatively low power, they are used to mark shorter sections in places with average light intensity. We ">line lasers, cross line lasers andspotlights, derived directly from reputable manufacturers , such asthe Canadian company Coherent.

Depending on the variant, the set with the laser also includes: a holder, a power supply and a warranty. If you want to read the specification of the offered products, we refer you to the descriptions visible after clicking on a given model. The most important information on standard lasers is also available as a download.

What is it for?are standard lasers used?

Standard lasersfrom our assortment have a wide range of applications. Are used in the wood and stone industry as well as auxiliary as a separate laser pointer on other types of machines. They are perfect for finishing and renovation works . They can also be used in such closed spaces where a large amount of light does not reach. Line, cross line and point lasers with a red beam are very popular not only because of the possibilities they offer, but also because of their affordable price. Enjoy your shopping! If you have any questions - we remain at your disposal.

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