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Qidi 3D printers

Qidi Tech X-Max 3 Printer

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3D printing- innovative technology for everyone

Currently, more and more prestigious companies offer modern devices as they are 3D printers.These are multifunctional products that allow you to implement a variety of ideas. They are aimed at all inventors, creators and designers. They are used in industry, as well as in medicine, dentistry and wherever high attention to detail is required for the manufactured models. If you are looking for support in your company, choose one of the devices, which are the 3D printers we offer. offers many products from leading manufacturers that will take your projects to the next level.

Professional 3D printers- only top brands

In our store, we offer professional 3D printers from manufacturers such as Phrozen, Formlabs or Sprintray. They have different applications and use different additive manufacturing technologies.

In our store you will findPhrozen 3D printers. These are devices from a Taiwanese brand that produces medium-budget equipment. It is used in various industries, and the company itself is constantly developing. In our offer you will find both older and newest devices from Phrozen. In the presented device, print 3Dis formed by hardening photopolymer liquid resins via a laser beam.= "">3D printer slais considered to be one of the most economical models, a 3d printingit is extremely comfortable and pleasant, because the materials are widely available and at affordable prices.

We also offer Formlabs 3D printersthat use SLA-LFS technology. The presented brand was established in 2011 and is one of the best in the world. In its devices, it uses the proprietary LFS technology, which was created on the basis of SLA. As a result, the Formlabs 3D printer provides even higher manufacturing precision with increased printing speed. The devices have a reduced laser spot to 85 micrometers, thanks to which they reproduce every detail with great precision.

Nextthe brand presented is Sprintray.It is an extremely popular concern that started operating in 2014. The first device he produced was a 3D printer sla. Currently, the company offers equipment operating in DLP technology. The method consists in hardening the photopolymer material with the help of radiation coming from the projector. In this technology, the accuracy of printing depends on the size of the irradiated pixel. Printer for is used in medicine, hundredtology, modeling or biotechnology. In our store you will findsprintray 3D printer,which it is distinguished by the speed of operation and high quality of printed details.

You will also find devices using FDM technology. The equipment is characterized by the extrusion of material from the printing heads. Thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PC, nylon, ABS-ESD7 and ULTEM are used for // ">Fdm printerbelongs to one of the most economical methods of 3D printing. It is used to create prototypes, models and functional part designs. Each of the mentioned brands can be found in our store. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of devices.

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