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Inverterscan also be found under a different name, i.e. frequency converters. Their task is to change the frequency and voltage of the alternating current in order to regulate the speed and torque: // engines ">induction motordriving the machine. Depending on the method of control, some of the models can operate several engines at the same time.

Three-phase inverters - one of several types

Among the frequency inverters foref = "">three-phase motors there are single-phase or three-phase converters. They have been widely used as elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of electric motors, supplying, for example, production lines or pumps. They are used primarily in industry, where they are responsible for regulating the speed of rotation of supply motors.

Halyardsingle-phase sheepthey are powered by one phase 230 VAC, while at the output they have 3 phases with a phase-to-phase voltage of 230 V. They are mainly used in applications where small motors up to 2.2 kW with a rated voltage of 230 V are used. They are used to supply single-phase asynchronous, i.e. those with one main armament, one auxiliary and a phase shifting capacitor. They are also used in devices such as pumps or valvestracks with a power of 1.1 kW.

The three-phase inverter is powered by three phases, i.e. 3x 400 VAC, which means that after its output there are also three phases with a phase-to-phase voltage of 400 V. They can work in larger applications and can operate in the output power range from 0.7 kW even up to 500 kW. They are more characteristic on the market than single-phase inverters, so they have more functions.

Electric inverters - technical data

Inverters are devices necessary for the proper drive of machines, which should work with precisely defined and defined parameters. If you want to choose the perfect model for your needs, pay attention to the engine specifications. They contain information on the supply voltage, motor power and current, connection type and motor speed. The next step is to determine the type of load, as well as to adjust the input and output, communication method, appropriate dimensions and any additional accessories. If you have a problem with this, our experts will help you choose the right device and answer all your questions.

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