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Each hydraulic and pneumatic system must be equipped with high quality regulators and valves. Depending on the model, they are used to protect the pumps, determine the direction and regulate the flow of the working medium, and also distribute gases or liquids to selected places. In our store you will findpneumatic valves,hydraulic, as well as regulators.

Hydraulic and pneumatic valves

Every system, whether hydraulic or pneumatic, must have the appropriate valves. They constitute the basis of the entire machinery and protect it against unsealing. They indirectly regulate the flow of the working medium and distribute it to all places in the system. There are valveshydraulic overflow,throttling and feedback.

Hydraulic overflow valvesthey are used for securityref = "">pumpbefore unsealing. If they fail, all automation begins to malfunction. On the other handhydraulic throttle valves control the intensity of the working medium in the system by dosing the appropriate amount. They are an extremely important part wherever the precision and reliability of machinery is essential. Valves zportal hydraulicthey allow the working medium to flow in one direction only. Pneumatic systems have a similar structure. Amongthey occur pneumatic valvesbased on the same action. They differ, however, in the fact that compressed air was used as a working medium instead of non-pressurized liquids in the system. We have divided the above category into subcategories:

Pneumatic regulators and valves

In our store we also have regulators, otherwise known as pressure reducers. Their task is to maintain a constant output pressure in pneumatic air compressors. They operate automatically, when the parameter reaches the indicated value, they cut off the gas or liquid supply in the system. Their greatest advantages include quick response and accurate pressure regulation even in very advanced machines.

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems consist of many elements and their task is to convert the energy of the working medium into mechanical energy. The systems cannot do without the highest quality actuators and regulators. Products from are distinguished by high precision and durability. We are sure that their reliability will meet all the expectations of demanding customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our online store.

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