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Vacuum pumps

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Available in our offer vacuum pumps are characterized by a large number of applications. They can work using a variety of physical phenomena, but usually they are rotors that direct air or gas to the outlet. Pompa vacuum <span> has blades in an off-center rotor that compress the air with each rotation. After reaching a given pressure, during ">centrifugation of the pump, the valve opens and lets them out. Vacuum pumps operating by means of a water and oil ring, they use the liquid in a small amount and use it to transport air molecules away from a specific place.

There are also vacuum pumps having a diaphragm piston that causes an uninterrupted change in the volume of space. Air is initially sucked in, then compressed and finally ejected. Screw pumps, on the other hand, allow the gas to travel along the still rotating screw. As a result, a negative pressure is created at the outlet. Vacuum pumps used for air conditioning use the help of oil or a pressurizing liquid, allowing air to be removed from the system, and at the same time getting rid of moisture.

Vacuum pumps - types

Each one in our offer vacuum pump, is a great quality devicenane with attention to the smallest details. This category can be divided into several types. They are volumetric pumps, jet pumps and other pumpsvacuum dust . Volumetric pumps are also called displacement pumps. There is a reduction in the volume or a shift of a given space, which is filled with a liquid, in them. Aftervacuum mps can use a piston, diaphragm, gears, screws, or flexible walls. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, where you will find extremely durable elements from the pump category.

Vacuum pumps streamers use the Bernoulli equation to operate. The working medium, which is pumped into the nozzle, accelerates at the same time as the pressure drops. Other vacuum pumps they have a rotating piston, sublimation, absorption, zeolite, condense into a solid or liquid phase or use nuclear sieves. There are therefore many different applications and types of vacuum pumps. If you want to find the right one for you, be sure to check out our offer. We only have the best quality products available on the market! Check also ours/ 229-lubrication-pumps ">lubrication pumps and other useful plumbing components !

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