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Ourelectronics parts store offers a wide selection of equipment. The assortment includes motors for RTV and household appliances, capacitors, batteries, converters and impulse power supplies. Self-assembly kits as well as individual components will delight not only professionals, but also people interested in the construction of individual devices. Basic accessoriesessoria for electronicsyou will find in this category.

Electronics - spare parts

We present many items from the <category/ span>electronics parts. Store offers various types of products applicable to electronic equipment. The most popular are= "">stepper motors(stepped), which allow you to easily perform precise positioning operations. They are commonly used in devices that require precise angular positioning and speed control of the pulse signal. In addition, in this category you will find// ">brushless motorswhich are used to power toys and vehiclesref = "">remotely controlled, electric and hybrid cars, fans and power tools. These types of parts are used in almost all household applianceso. In this category, we also offer capacitors, filters and other components used in electronic devices. Each of our products meets the requirements of the CE certificate and is completely safe. The offered electronic parts are prepared for direct assembly.

Car accessories - electronics

We offer electronic components for vehicles. Currently, these are the most popular components on the market and the fastest growing. The latest cars are closely connected with electronic parts, and among them there are 3 types of components. The first is the electronics that control the engine and drive train. The second includes components that ensure the proper functioning of safety systems, and the third type includes parts that improve driving comfort. Whichever category you're looking for, you'll find everything you'll likely need here. Depending on your requirements, you can buy original and spare parts from us. We offer a very high selection of electronics products. store responds to the needs of customers, offering competitive prices and fast shipment of selected components.

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