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In our assortment we present environmentally friendly bio filament. Both the bioCreat and bioWood models are made of fully biodegradable material. If you've been looking for wood-like components for a long time or want to live in harmony with nature, reducing the amount of waste produced, you've come to the right place. Our filamenty 3dthey respond to each of the above-mentioned needs. See our organichref = "">professional filaments!

Bio filament - technical specification

Depictedbio filamentscharacterized by simplicity in 3D printing. They are made of a composite material, and their main ingredients are polycaprolactone, starch, polyester, lignin, resin, as well as waxes, oils, natural fatty acids, cellulose and natural wood fibers. The presented product is a biopolymer that requires anaerobic conditions to be completely decomposed. The time of its biodegradation is approx. 3 months.

Filaments 3dcharacterized by resistance to high temperatures and high mechanical strength. The prints can be subjected to post-processing such as grinding, cutting, turning and drilling. Moreover, filamentwith the addition of wooden fibers, it has the scent of wood, and the structure of the printed models resembles natural wood.3d materials they have neitherenamel the same properties as othershref = "">filament types. They can be used by beginners and advanced users of 3D printers. In our store you will find products in natural colors, such as white, beige, brown and materials imitating wood. The materials are sold in spools with a fiber diameter of 1.75 mm.

Bio filament for a 3D printer - application

For bio filaments, the extrusion temperature is 210-240 ℃, while for products with the addition of wood, this value is approx. 40 ℃ lower. Please note that changing the temperature range directly affects the color of your prints. Filament 3dit does not require a heated bed and a closed chamber, and the material can be printed on both the glass surface and the aluminum or PEI plate.

Biofilamentsare used in the production of dishes, furniture, toys and decorative elements. They are extremely environmentally friendly and do not require any special skills when printing. If you want to live in harmony with nature, and at the same time you are interested in the latest technologies, choose the filament offered.StoreOutlet3D.eucares for all customers, providing more and more innovative product propositions.

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