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Copy counters

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In our assortment you will find external copy countersthat are used in production halls and warehouses. They are used in modern industrial automation systems. The instruments offered have different modes installed. Below we present the offered products.

Copy Counter - an extremely multifunctional device

External offered copy countersare designed for counting pulses, measuring flow, length and rotational speed. Depending on the configuration, they can be used as: total counters, cycle counters, time relays, frequency meters or time counters. The presented models have from 2 to 8 counting modes. Results can be deleted manually or automatically with forward or backward deletion. Most models have built-in independent reset inputs, such as RESET and counter-blocking, i.e. PAUSE. The copy counter is extremely easy to use. All parameters are programmed from a PC or keyboard. The devices are modular, when needed, you can add desired functions to them. This makes the counter subject to momodifications, and in the future you do not have to buy a new device, but only expand the current one. The basic version of the equipment is equipped with 2 counting inputs, 1 reset input, 1 input blocking the counting and a relay output. The meters are equipped with interfejsy, so that the measurement data is visible and can be archived. Using the converter, the operation of the equipment and data visualization can be done remotely via the local network or the Internet.

Copy counters - store

By selecting copy counter,there are some important points to consider. The device should be equipped with additional slots for connecting optional expansion modules, thanks to which the expansion of the equipment with additional functions will be extremely easy. Moreover, pay attention to the number of counting inputs installed in the meter. Their types can be divided into voltage PNP or NPN, non-voltage and those from the rotational impulse converter. In some models, it is also possible to select the resolution of counting pulses from the rotary encoder and display the values in the desired units. Each of these functions can be found in the counters we offer. See also the offer of our other partsUjniki:

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