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Plug-in power supplies - the most important information

Regardless of whether the power supply is needed at home, in the office or in the production hall, it is worth knowing how to choose the right model for the selected device. Connecting the AC adapter too much power can break the device instantly. Therefore, choosing the power supply is closedZdkowy, follow these rules:

  • choose a model with the appropriate tip - this one must perfectly match the device, otherwise connecting the wrong power supply may result in an overvoltage or short circuit;
  • choose the current and onheel according to the indications on the device - sometimes less experienced users are guided by the choice plug-in power supplyonly the tip type, while the devices may have a completely different power. Both too strong and too weak power supply can lead to failure or improper operation of the device.

Which power supply to choose for the equipment?

In addition to the most important criteria mentioned earlier, when choosing plug-in power supplythere are several other factors to consider as well. Good plug-in power supplywill stabilize the voltage and output current values with sufficient accuracy for the connected device to operate at the correct intensity. Valuable equipment should also isolate the output signals from the mains voltage for the possibility of occurrence3-voltage-regulators ">sudden power surges in the network andnoise .

Of course, security issues are also extremely important. Plug-in power supplymust protect against electric shock through solid insulation. It is therefore worth checking exactly which standards the target meetsAC adapter. The basis is e.g. the standard PN-EN 60950: 2002: safety of devices.

Check plug-in power supplies at We have the most popular models equipped with DC plugs that you can easily adjust to your device. Also checkf = "">DIN rail power supplies .

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