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Limit switches are sensor devices that allow switching in electric circuits. It is possible due to the change of the position of the object. They can usually be found in industrial and construction automation systems.

Limit switch - general characteristics and application

Limit switches have many applications, but their main function is to make switching in electrical circuits as a result of modifications to the position of objects. They are used not only in electromechanics, but also in robotics. The presented circuit breakers are also used in industry and during the development of modern technologies. Their selection depends on the environmental conditions in which the circuit operates. In addition, we distinguish the limit switch 12Vorlimit switch 230V where each of them corresponds to a different output.

Limit switches - available types

We offer a large selection of switches, so you can adjust the model to your individual needs. They have different uses and purposes, e.g. inHermetic limit switch is used for motors, while limit switch with lever it will work in many electrical and worker installations.

Magnetic limit switch it is the only such switch, gda pair of magnets is used instead of a lever. As soon as the magnets come closer to each other, a current is induced. It is interpreted as approaching an obstacle. These types of sensors are extremely precise, but are also prone to disturbance of electromagnetic fields, and therefore can cause conflicting signals in many places.

Roller limit switch, i.e.the so-called the lever is used to detect the given position of the movable element. However, after reaching a certain position, it will disconnect the circuit or the entire device. It is mainly used in running carriages of machines or at the ends of the running rails in order to prevent exceeding a certain point.

Magnetic limit switch for sliding gate Its task is to support modern systems in drives for entrance gates, and thus enable the automation of their work. Limit switch for sliding gate it is equipped with special systems enabling the detection of obstacles or their signaling.

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