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Filament cleaners

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How does a filament cleaner work?

As is known during the operation of a 3D printer,material from which the printout is made, i.e. filament, is taken from a previously prepared spool connected tohref = "">extruder. The filament does not need to be stored in special conditions, which means there is a risk of contamination. The material melted in the extruder may mix with particles of dust or other impurities, and consequently spoil the printout. Therefore it applies filament cleaners that right beforeas the filament goes to the extruder, it is wiped and cleaned of any dirt. In this way, you can prevent filament wasting on unsuccessful printing. It should be remembered that the presence of a foreign body can completely distort the operation of the 3D printer, so it is recommended to use cleanersfor filaments.

Filament cleaners at

In the offer of our store you will find proven onescleaners in the form of a sponge to the filament. Her departmentIt is not extremely precise, and the filament wire is thoroughly wiped off any dirt that may have settled on the plastic spool. The operation of the filament cleaner is simple. It has the shape of a clip that closes on the filament cord. In this way, every centimeter of material that is taken by the extruder is at the same timecleaned by a filament sponge .

This is a minor accessoryrium can significantly extend the service life"">3D printer hotend. It is also worth being aware that if the filament is dirty, the result may even be a nozzle or hotened failure. In the least severe scenario, dust may affect print quality.

the use offilament cleaner is one of the principles of proper maintenance of the 3D printer. Even such small accessoriesand they can provide our device with longer operation without the risk of failure.

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