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Petg filament - a popular material for 3d printers

Polyethylene terephthalate, or pet, is a material that everyone encounters on a daily basis. It is used for the production of plastic bottles and packaging for pharmaceuticals. It is extremely easy to process, and new materials are created on its basis. In turn, petg filamentis a poly (ethylene terephthalate) copolymer. The letter G in the abbreviation stands for added glycol. Thanks to it, 3D material is easier to print, more durable and more transparent when it comes to colorless materials. The offered product is an excellent consumable forf = "">beginner users of 3D printers. In our offer you will findfilamentswith a standard fiber diameter of 1.75 mm, which have different colors.

PETG filament - technical specification

The presented products combine the properties of suchf = "">thermoplastics such as plaandfilament abs. The material from which they were made is extremely easy to use, and at the same time mechanically strong.Filament petgworks at a slightly elevated temperature, softens already at 80-85 ℃. Moreover, the most important feature of a material is its flexibility. Printouts do not break under pressure, but slightly bend.

Petg material is characterized by low shrinkage and is resistant to temperature changes. Immediately after printing, the model can be removed from the working area and it will remain unchanged. The filament fits any device operating in the FFM / FDM technology. It has little technical requirements, the build plate can be open and cold, and this will not adversely affect the print quality. Petg material has low thermal expansion, so even when printing large models, it rarely lifts or warps.

ABOUTferred petg filaments include3d materials with good optical properties and high gloss. They are used in printing thin materials that are supposed to transmit light. They are completely odorless and can be recycled. They are a great choice for all beginners who start their adventure with 3D printing.

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