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The most common type of detectors are inductive sensors. They are used wherever it is necessary to detect a signal without contact with a given object. They are used by many industries because they are characterized by high reliability and accuracy. In our store you will find a wide selection of products, we offer sensorstemperature, pressure, or position.

Inductive sensor - principle of operation

Inductive proximity sensors are used wherever non-contact detection of metal elements is necessary. The detector consists of an oscillator connected to a coil located on the front of the equipment, an operating field, a trigger, a demodulator and a control element. The applied system generates an alternating magnetic field, and when it encounters a metal element, it turns into an eddy current, thus affecting the parameters of the generated vibrations. The generated data is transferred to a demodulator which sends a signal to the control devices. Currently, newer and newer inductive sensors are being developed, but the general principle of operation of the detectors is unchanged, which translates into their functionality. When choosing devices, you should take into account the model range, delay time in response to an external factor (hysteresis), range reduction, sensor mounting principle, equipment frequency, power supply parameters, type, number of outputs and protection degree.

Inductive sensors and their properties

Inductive sensorsthey allowdetect objects, define their features, and supervise the operation of devices. They are widely used in industrial processes, such as the control of the level of liquids or loose materials. It is not uncommon for security systems to use inductive sensors. The offered products are distinguished by very high durability, they work flawlessly in unfavorable environmental conditions. They are resistant to dust, vibrations and air pollution. The proposed detectors have housings made of durable and sealed plastic.

In ouryou will find this storetemperature sensors, which measure the temperature in the range from -55 ℃ to 500 ℃ Moreover, we offer professional pressure sensors used in many industries such as petrochemical, chemical and water. We also have position sensors improving industrial processes. They allow for automatic detection of items, are used to count items on production belts, which greatly facilitates work on the stands. In our offer you will also find products for the automotive industry, which they are vigilant ofk and position of the shaft crankshaft. See also the offer of our other sensors:

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