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3D laser scanners

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Scanning is a modern technique that, due to the incredible speed of measurements and high accuracy, allows you to replace the classic measurement methods in geodesy. S.3D laser caner in the storewas designed to accurately and quickly measure data to a 3D model.

3D laser scanners in geodesy - their application

3D laser scannerit is widely used and will also find its place in such areas as industry, archeology, cultural heritage, insurance, accident documentation, architecture, mining, energy, as well as films and advertising.

The optical system plays an important role in every scanner. This means that the source of light here is LEDs. S.3D laser caner, as opposed to structured light scanners , emits a laser beam which is directed at the scanned object. The device uses blue or red rays to measure their refraction or the distance to an object. Thanks to this information, the device builds a 3D model of the scanned object.

3D laser scanner - geodesy - general characteristics

Our store provides all customers with very good prices for high-quality equipment, which is also important in today's competition on the market. Versatility, speed and accuracy, as well as revolutionized SPOThe way of measurements are the features that distinguish ours geodetic laser scanner.All scanners have an easy-to-use interface that proves the constant increase in the usability of scanners around the world.

Terrestrial laser scanner- advantages:

  • high precision during use,
  • higher scan resolution,
  • the ability to scan in difficult lighting conditions,
  • the ability to scan huge objects with long-range scanners, e.g. such as buildings,
  • the laser can acquire the intensity of the laser beam under the scanned model, thanks to which it is possible to scan shiny, black or white structures.

Laser terrain scannerit is mobile and portable. Surveyors without this device can no longer imagine more convenient measurements. The continuous development of scanners means that they are constantly evolving, are easier to use and have a much wider application. Our company is also in line with the progress and offers a modern laser scanner3D ditches,to which you can choose all the necessary accessories at attractive prices. The above devices exist as ">stationary scanners andcompatible handheld scanners .

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