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Sprintray 3D printers

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The presented Sprintray brand is a Californian startup that started its career in 2014. The first device they produced was a 3D printer in the SLA technology. The company is currently designing"">equipment operating in DLP and these are also in our offer. Sprintray brand devices are conquering the world because they are highly specialized 3d printers., responding to customer needs, offers many products designed by engineers working for this company. Currently they areprofessional 3d printerswhich are used in medicine.

Sprintray 3D printer - extremely professional equipment

Sprintray 3D printersthey operate in DLP technology, although the older models are still based on SLA. These are remarkably similar methods. In SLA, plastics are cured using laser radiation, and in DLP, using projector light. The technology present in Sprintray 3d printers is extremely precise, has an accuracy of up to several dozen microns and guarantees a perfect, very smooth surface of the prints. Currently, we more and more often offer products that use several projectors. The mounted devices increase the working area, which translates into the quality and size of the resulting models. Sprintray 3D printers make it printing 3dis a pure pleasure that reduces production costs and allows you to implement many useful solutions.

Professional Sprintray 3D printers

The accuracy of the DLP model depends on the size of the irradiated pixel. Systems where very accurate 3D printing, are characterized by smaller working areas. On the other hand, the latest systems use several projectors to extend the scope of this area.

Sprintray 3D printers offered by our store are characterized by extremely high quality of printed models. They are very detailed, which is why they find itttps: // ">use in industry , and more specifically medicine, dentistry, jewelry, or modeling. The Sprintray brand has also created a special line of 3D Pro Set printers dedicated only to the dental industry. They are characterized by high functionality and usability. If you are looking for professional equipment that meets all expectations, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the products offered by our online store

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