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Pneumatic solenoid valvesare part of industrial automation. They belong to the group of elements controlling the direction of the working medium flow. Not infrequently the solenoid valves are called spool valves or dividers. They are an essential part of all compressed air systems.

E.solenoid valves - structure and mode of operation

An electric valve regulates the flow of the working medium by reacting to changing voltage and electrical impulses. Traditional solenoid valve consists of a coil and a body. These are the elements that are responsible for the correct operation of the device. In the solenoid valve, the coil creates a magnetic force that raises the core to the open or closed position. In turn, the shape of the body protects the parts of the element against damage and makes them fit into a given mechanism.

ElPneumatic electrovalvesthey control the flow of compressed air. They function by extending and retracting the piston rod of the pneumatic actuator. They are an integral part of the system, and for proper operation, each of the key elements must be tightly fitted. Please note that the solenoid valveyare responsible for the safety of the machine. If any element is incorrectly fitted or leaking, it may endanger the health of people working in the vicinity of the malfunctioning machine. The offered solenoid valves can beDivide by function and control method.

Pneumatic solenoid valves - product breakdown

The most commonly used classification is to divide the solenoid valves on the basis of their function in the pneumatic system. In our store, there are dividing, non-return, shut-off and throttle valves.

Solenoid valvesdividers determine the flow and direction of movement of the working medium. They can be multi-position, i.e. they clear and close individual exits, as well as determine the way the air will flow. On the other hand, check valves allow the working medium to move in one direction only. Depending on the model, they are automatic or require manual control. The throttle solenoid valves regulate the flow and set the force with which the medium moves, and the shut-off solenoids are the opposite. They block any movement of compressed air or allow it to flow. In our assortment you will find pneumatic solenoid storeresponding to the needs of its customers, it offers a very large selection of this type of parts. Also check out other types of valves and valve parts:

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