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Lasers for highly illuminated rooms

Lasers from this line are applicable where high light intensity . They are made of the highest class components resistant to weather conditions, such as rain or several degrees of frost.ref = "">Line lasersthat we propose are intended primarily for demanding users , who appreciate the highest quality and reliability. Depending on the model, they are equipped with the best LEDs from the German brand Osram or the Japanese company Mitsubishi. Thanks to this, the offerThese products are distinguished by their long service life and reliability. What's more,they are waterproof and dustproof (protection level IP67). More information on the specifications of the available models can be found by clicking on a specific product.

Professional lasers use

Professional series lasersare used, inter alia, in the stone and wood industry. They allow you to increase the efficiency of daily work and eliminate mistakes while cutting. Arealso irreplaceable in b3D printing ropes . They can act as precise laser pointers on various types of devices used indoors and outdoors. Lasers for professionals with very high power and high resistance to unfavorable weather conditions are perfect for staking out, general construction works, as well as during renovation at home. With them you can easily ipprecisely mark vertical and horizontal lines and verify unevenness. ThemIf you need help choosing a laser, please do not hesitate to contact us. We still have in our offerref = "">cheaper versions of lasers .

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