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Capacitorsare devices capable of collecting and storing a specific electric charge. They are used wherever a large dose of energy must be delivered at the same time. The most common devices are condensationstarting components for the engine,which we present in the category of our store.

Motor capacitors

Starting capacitors of various designs and capacities are available for sale. Their technical parameters directly translate into application -ttps: // ">enginesvehicles have specific requirements, and the selected model must meet them. When choosing a device yourself, it is worth paying attention to parameters such as polarization, series and parallel resistance, breakdown voltage, operating temperature range or the degree of miniaturization. Each product is equipped with a rating plate with all the necessary information. Capacitory to the electric motorwill be slightly different from those for combustion cars. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the capacity of the starting device, the value of the power supply of the starting phase and the method of fixing the given model. The available capacitors are divided into ceramic, foil and electrolytic capacitors.

Capacitors - automotive electronics

The most common models on the market are ceramic capacitors - pThe roducts offer a wide range of capacities and sizes. They are elements with no specific voltage polarity. On the other hand, foil capacitors provide a slightly higher range of capacities, and their greatest advantages include high-voltage reliability and the lack of polarization, which is very important for 230 V AC network systems. Most often they appear / en / 101-power supplies ">power supplies. The last group are electrolytic capacitors that have the largest capacities. Most often they work as backup energy sources - they can be found in batteries, computers and other devices that work for a long time without power.

BeUndoubtedly, capacitors are part of various systems that ensure the safety and comfort of passengers in the car. They are used in wiper control systems, air conditioning, seat adjustment and when starting the car, which include sifeeder tray. You will find almost all models that are useful while driving a car. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the category capacitors. storeoffers a wide selection of ceramic, foil and electrolytic models.

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