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When using machines and other electrical devices, the safety of all users and people in the vicinity is extremely important. The voltage in the electric circuit can be turned off automatically, e.g. via// ">safety switch , or manually on the dashboard with a lever or a button. Each circuit has a separate protection that protects against unexpected overload or short circuit. In addition, some models can be mounted on the door or on the facade of the enclosure.

Safety lever - its functions in the electrical installation

There are various types of switches and switches on the market that make it possiblettps: // motor-wylaczniki ">immediate shutdown or stop of the machine . We offer functional emergency stop systems in our assortment to ensure the safety of our customers. In our offer you will find reliable levers that give a 100% guarantee of protection. External lever in the form of a handle, it is used for direct mounting on installation disconnectors with an independent drive. This model can be used with all cameras whose current value is between 240A and 400A.

Direct lever - types of levers among disconnectors

The disconnector is one of the types of coupler, thanks to whichremu, certain operating currents can be switched on and off, only if the value does not exceed ten times the alternating current. This operation can be performed with a lever. Safety leverIntermediate switch disconnector fits all devices with a current value between 250A and 400A.

However, it is also available on the market switch disconnector external lever,which is used for mounting on the facade, door or switchgear door. This model fits all load switches with independent drive of size - 1 prod. Telergon, the current value of which is from 250A to 400A. In the assortment of the store you will find both external and direct lever of various sizes. The available products are available in several color versions, so you can choose the color that is most visible and noticeable. More importantly, our store guarantees effectiveness, and the offered products are reliable and completely safe for the environment and users.

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