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Phrozen 3D printers

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Phrozen is a Taiwanese manufacturer of devices such as photopolymer 3d printers. met the requirements of customers and offers many models produced by this company. The devices operate in SLA technology and allow you to create high-quality models in a very short time. Many of the proposed printers are used in the dental industry. The offered models have a very large working area, operate quickly and are extremely accurate.

Phrozen 3d printerin SLA technology

Phrozen 3d printersthey use stereolithography - SLA, one of the basic and the oldest methods of 3D printing. The technique is considered to be one of the most economical incremental methods. It combines high accuracy and smoothness of printed surfaces. In the method of printing 3dit is created due to the photopolymerization process, i.e. selective hardening photopolymer resin laser light.

Phrozen 3d printers- the best quality at the lowest price

Devices from the Phrozen brand are of high quality and 3d printingit is extremely easy. Most of the printers we offer have an automatically set incremental process parameter that cannot be changed. In turn, the changeable functions include the adjustment of the height of the hardened layermaterial and the orientation of the model, determining the position of the support structure.

An important feature of 3d printers is the workspace area. The size of the printed models depends on it. The standard size is approx. 13.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm, but it depends on the model chosen. In our offer you will find devices with both smaller and larger working space. Dr.3D Phrozen ukarkiare used for the production of precise visual prototypes and models with a very smooth structure. If you are looking for equipment that allows you to manufacture large parts while maintaining details, choose one of the proposed devices.

Professional 3D printersPhrozen uses materials such as standard resin, pure resin, casting resin, high-strength, high-temperature, dental and rubber-like resin. All offered ">printers operating in SLA technology work with this type of materials.

Many of the Phrozen 3d printers offered have been equipped with the option to adjust the intensity of UV light, a heating system for the working chamber, and the ability to resume 3D printing after a power outage. All devices work in the Phrozen OS system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire offer// / "> store.

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