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ROSA3D- PA12 + 15CF 1,75mm 1kg

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PA12 + 15CF filament from ROSA3D is a combination of nylon and carbon fibers. The combination of the advantages of these two raw materials results in a product with extraordinary strength properties. PA12+15CF filament prints have the ability to work continuously at a temperature of over 160oC. PA+15CF prints can be successfully used as a replacement for steel elements to reduce the weight of the device, or construction. The PA+15CF filament is characterized by ease of printing and, thanks to the carbon fiber filling, low processing shrinkage. Recommended especially for semi-professionals and for advanced users. When printing PA12+15CF, hardened steel nozzles are recommended (brass and aluminum nozzles may be subject to abrasion), suggested nozzle size > 0.3 mm. Recommended printing temperature 250-290 oC. Recommended temperature table: 100-120oC
Diameter (mm): 1.75mm
  • Diameter tolerances (mm): +/- 0.05 mm
  • Ovality tolerances (mm): +/- 0.02 mm
  • Weight (g): 1000 g (vacuum packed with desiccant)
  • Printing temperature (°C): 250-290°C
  • Table temperature (°C): 100-120°C

  • Density: 1.05g/cm3
  • Smell: odorless
  • Charpy impact strength:
  • Unnotched - 55 kJ/m2 (ISO 179-1eU) Notched - 15 kJ/m2 (ISO 179-1eA)
  • Tensile elongation (speed 5 mm/min, to break): 7% (ISO 527)
  • Tensile strength (speed 5 mm/min, to break): 50 MPa (ISO 527)
  • Tensile modulus (speed 1 mm/min): 3650 MPa (ISO 527)
  • Vicat softening point: 168°C (ISO 306)

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