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3D printing

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3D printeris an extremely useful tool, the main advantages of which are: low production cost, the possibility of applying any changes, as well as the ability to print elements for complex geometric structures. Our offer includes industrial printers from well-known and respected manufacturers, among ">Flashforge,Creality,Intamsys.

3D prints and 3D designs

3D printeris an extremely useful tool used mainly for printing parts for complex geometric structures, the production of components and construction details of systems and devices, as well as for prototyping various types of products. From projects and printingthats 3Dvirtually all industries are already using it. Thanks for the option easy and cheap prototyping it is possible to bring new products to market faster, besides in some cases 3D printersallow you to significantly reduce production costs, and speed it up.

How to choose a 3D printer?

Our offer includes industrial printers from well-known and respected manufacturers, including models such asef = "">Formlabs, Phrozenand Wanhao. How to choose a 3D printer for yourself? First of all, you should take into account what, for what purpose, from what materials and with what technique you would like to print in order to adjust the device to your needs. Individual printer models offer prints with varying degrees of detail and greater or lesser durability. Usually other devices are usedfor prototypingand othersfor the production of elements which are then to be used in the final version of the products.

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