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Accessories for scanners

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More and more people and companies are choosing to buy scanners. It is a convenient solution that facilitates the entire process of 3D printing. Used for this accessories for 3D scanningthey provide excellent quality of models on the basis of which 3D prints are created.

3D scanning - accessories that help you get the job done

Their task is to facilitate the entire 3D printing process. A 3d scanner is a device that analyzes an object or its surroundings in order to collect information about its shape and appearance. Its goal is to create a three-dimensional model, thanks to which we are able to perform 3D printing. In addition to choosing the device that best meets our expectations, accessories are also importanta for scanning. In the store you will find a large selection of scanners, which are divided according to a given type. Among them we distinguish handheld, laser, stationary scanners, structured light or texture scanners. Each of them has a different application and necessary accessoriessoria to the scannerthat can be selected for a given model.

Accessories for 3d scanning at - suggestions for the products we offer

Scanners andaccessories for 3D scanners are very versatile devices and elements that can be used in many fields of science, as well as in various industries. In compepie you will find a wide selection of products, accessories for scanners from facilitate the work during scanning and are helpful when printing three-dimensional structures.

We distinguish necessary and additional ones accessories for the 3D scanner:

  • reference points, magneticreflectors are used to mark objects that we want to scan on a 3D scanner, this is the most popular method to recognize the position in space,= "">reference points also come in the form of stickers;
  • anti-reflective sprayprovides the effect of a micro-powder structure and prevents light reflection during the 3D scanning process; it is recommended to be used only on transparent or shiny surfaces such as metal, glass, resin, plaster, ceramics, fabrics;

An additional device worth purchasing is the Attblime 230V spray gun. Thanks to it, AB6G and ABPG containers can be used independently of the compressed air connections. ANDscanner accessoriesused during production, they save time and quickly cover the entire surface, both internal and external, with paint or impregnationtrump.

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