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In our store you will find not only printers, but also printer accessories that help you create unique and very real prototypes. In addition, you also need special processing programs to perform 3D prints. Another alternative is to make a model using a 3d scanner. These are devices that allow you to scan a shape and a three-dimensional object and then convert it into digital.

Necessary accessories for a 3D printer

If you choose the model 3d printersthat will meet your expectations, you should find the right one 3d accessories. They are a key element of the entire printing process, and in order to perform professional printing, we need a computer that will allow us to make a three-dimensional model and an appropriate processing program. Indispensable and at the same time the most important is a 3d printer and material for printing in the formttps: // ">filament.

3D printers - high quality accessories

3D printers create physical three-dimensional objects from a digital pattern. The entire process takes place through the use of an incremental - additive technique. The resulting product is then modeled by superimposing thin layers of materials. The entire printing process is extremely important to get the desired result. Precision and accuracy count hereat the time of printing. In addition, it is extremely important to have all of them with you accessories for 3d printers, such as:

  • printer housing- which is designed to protect the printed element from external conditions, it will be suitable for more demanding printers who need to maintain a constant temperature inside the chamber;
  • printer glue- prevents the printout from tearing off the printer table, it must also be easy to remove;
  • silicone gasket that allows to maintain the proper form and prevents leakage;
  • HD PLA fiberlogy filament is a product that facilitates printing, as it helps to avoid all the inconveniences associated with printing, such as shrinkage, irritating smell and inhalation of vapors hazardous to health;
  • FEP foil, which must be durable and transparent.

In our store you can find a wide selection of products that are needed to perform 3D printing. Allcomponents for a 3d printerthey are of high quality, and you can find components that fit many printer models.

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