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Fiberlogy FiberWood Filament
  • Fiberlogy FiberWood Filament

Fiberlogy FiberWood Filament 3D Printers 2.85mm

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Filament for 3D printers in FDM technology.


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Fiberlogy FiberWood 2.85mm filament

A wood-like material that, thanks to its less brittleness, allows for better feeding of the filament to the extruder. The resulting elements can be mechanically processed, painted, varnished and tinted, which gives even more possibilities of using this filament. The appearance of the prints allows it to be used in art studies and modeling.

 Fiberlogy FiberWood 2.85mm specifications

  • Net weight: 0.75 kg
  • Printing temperature: 190 – 210°C
  • Table temperature: 50°C - 70°C (if using pads or other adhesion enhancing agents, heating the table is not required)
  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm
  • Oval tolerance: +0.01 mm
  • Color: Natural

Additional information to help you print with Fiberwood:

In order to avoid potential clogging of the nozzle with wood particles, we recommend cleaning the extruder after each FiberWood print, using any PLA filament. Suggested minimum nozzle diameter – 0.5mm


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0.75 kg
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