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7mm reference points - markers - 3d scanning
  • 7mm reference points - markers - 3d scanning

Retro (matte) reference points 7mm, 336 pcs - markers - 3D scanning

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3D scanning reference points for white and blue structured light scanners. One sheet contains 336 points

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Reference points have a strong adhesive, which allows them to be easily attached to surfaces and effortlessly removed after the scanning process.

The size of reference points is given as the diameter of the inner white area of the point, which allows for precise determination of their dimensions.

  • Inner diameter of the reference point: 7mm
  • Outer diameter of the reference point: 11mm

Reference points are key markers used for scanning objects in 3D technology, enabling accurate recognition of their positions during the scanning process. This is the most popular and effective method used in 3D scanners. The 3D markers are applied to the scanned object, and the scanner's software registers their positions.

The size of the markers may vary depending on the object being scanned. The principle is that the larger the object, the larger the reference points need to be applied. This enables the scanner to precisely locate the object in space.

The scanning process involves scanning the object, taking into account the positions and distances of the reference points. Each scan stores the positions of the markers, and the software compiles this information to create a polygonal model into one coherent whole.

The minimum number of reference points that should be visible in one scan is three. This ensures the proper localization of the object in space.

The selection of the appropriate size of reference points depends on the size of the measuring volume and the resolution of the 3D scanner to achieve the highest quality and accuracy of the scan. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right size of markers depending on the characteristics of the scanned object and the project requirements.

Retro (matte) adhesive reference points can be used with scanners using white or blue structured light, from manufacturers such as GOM, Hexagon, etc.

One sheet contains 336 pieces of adhesive retro points.

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