ATTBLIME ABzero 400ml 3D Scanningspray

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ATTBLIME ABzero 400ml 3D Scanningspray

A scanning spray was created under the name ATTBLIME® AB2, which enables the user to achieve an even and homogeneous spray pattern. The newly developed self-volatilizing (sublimating) 3D scanning spray ABzero is based on the proven raw material cyclododecane, which we have further optimized.

The effective scan time (scan time) is 0 to 1 hour. The sublimation time (sublimation time), i.e. the time in which the spray dissolves, is around 1 to 2 hours. These times vary depending on the environmental conditions such as the component surface, room temperature, air circulation or humidity.

The scanning spray is free from TiO2, n-hexane and adamantane. ABzero adheres to all porous and non-porous surfaces such as textiles, wood, glass, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, stone, mortar and paper.

The spray cans are equipped with the unique SHC system (spray-head-change-system), which enables the user to spray the components with a conventional standard nozzle and areas that are difficult to access such as blind holes etc. completely and homogeneously with the special nozzle to matt.

ATTBLIME ABzero is ideal for the temporary matting of surfaces for optical 3D measurement technology without subsequent cleaning. Reference point marks can simply be stuck onto the treated area.

Product Characteristics

  • Form Transparent Liquid
  • Basis Solvent
  • Propellent (aerosol) Propane/Butane
  • Colour Whitish Gray
  • Pigment Pigment-free
  • Key Ingredient ATTBLIME® Cyclododecane
  • Free Scan Time  hrs 1 hours
  • Sublimation Time 1 - 2 hours
  • Type Sublimating/ Self-evaporating
  • Residue NIL
  • Film formation 60 seconds
  • Coating thickness < 3.0 μm
  • Application 3D Scanning
  • Adherence of Reference points on film Yes
  • Size of Component Small to Medium
  • Toxicology Irritant
  • Area Coverage (m2) 2.5
  • Spray mechanism ATTBLIME SHC®
  • Spray Distance 10-20 cm’s
  • Storage Temperature 5-45 ℃
  • Shelf Life 5 years
  • Form / Pack Size 400ml Aerosols
  • Case Size 6 or 12

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