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Anti - Reflection Spray ReflexEx SMALL Objects


Designed for transparent or glossy surfaces such as metal, glass, resins, plaster, ceramics, fabric.

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ReflexEx SMALL objects


Content:                   400 ml aerosol spray  

Description:              AntiReflexionsSpray with MICRO POWDER EFFECT to avoid reflections 

                                on surfaces during a 3D-scan process. (3D-Laser- and white-light scanner)

Suitable for:             Transparent or shiny surfaces as metal, glass, resins, gypsum, ceramic, fabric (for safety reasons please try application on a small spot before  ...........................    use as interaction might occur)

Suspension:              mineral, white, odor- and silicone-free, ethanol-based powder with MICRO POWDER EFFECT

Spray-head:             valve protecting cap, flexible cannula

Object Size:              ideal for objects ≤ 100 mm field of view (fov)

Layer Thickness:       approx. 5 µ

Application Distance: spray with a distance to object of approx. 8 – 10 cm

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