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Grupa Azoty filament PLA NW9 SIGNAL WHITE WT9003 1.7 mm 1kg

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Polyester derived from renewable sources such as corn, cassava and sugar cane.

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Grupa Azoty filament PLA NW9 SIGNAL WHITE WT9003 1.7 mm 1kg

Made from renewable resources. Tarfuse thermoplastic filament is abtained from maize, cassava, sugercane, grain or sugar beet. Produced from biological resources. It can be readily biodegradable under appropriate conditions. It has a much lower environmental impact than plastics derived from fossil fuels.

Perfect for hobby, demonstration and prototyping printing.

Easy to use material compared to other polymers. It will work at lower print temperatures and high speed in FDM technology.

The mechanical parameters of the printout are largely dependent on the printing conditions - printing temperature, extrusion speed, cooling system and other factors are important. This filament is less prone to warping, so it does not require an additional cooling system.

The filament is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines:

  • RoHS 1 and 2 directive (2011/65 / EC, 2015/863)
  • REACH Regulation 1907/2006 / EC

Color: white

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