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Identificador de cables ARIADNA IC1G


LV Live Cables Identifier

Manufacturer - MERYTRONIC - Spain

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The IC1G Cable Identifier consists of a transmitter (IC1G-TX) and a receiver (IC1G-RX).This equipment is easy to use: the transmitter (TX) is connected to an LV distribution cable and the receiver (RX) is used to identify or locate that cable upstream, towards the MV/LV transformer.

Main features:

  • Positive cable identification without de-energizing the line.
  • Works on LV distribution cables up to 250 Vac (50 or 60 HZ networks).
  • Two different sensors:
  1. Sensor Ring: Identifies cables by placing a sensor ring around the cable (single core cables).
  2. “U” sensor: Identifies conductors by touching the cable (single and multi core cables).
  • - The identification algorithm works continuously, and positive identification is achieved in seconds.
  • - Easy to use due to automatic synchronization between transmitter and receiver.
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Ariadna IC1G

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