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Identificador de cables de BT y MT Ariadna CI


MV / LV Live and de-energized cables identifier 

Manufacturer - MERYTRONIC - Spain 

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ARIADNA CI cable identifier is an advanced, yet simple to operate, digital tool.
It helps users to easily identify de-energized and energized MV&LV cables electrical cables among multiple conductors, in trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc.

Main Features:

* Identifies:

  • energized MV cables
  • energized LV cables
  • de-energized MV and LV cable.

*  Works with :

  • o Single phase conductors (shielded or unshielded)
  • o Three phase or 3 phase + neutral conductor

* Signal injection by:

  • o Direct connection to cables
  • o Signal induction through toroidal clamp (optional)

* Detects active signal’s Amplitude and Polarity
* Maximum cable length > 10km (direct connection)
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery on transmitter (CI-TX):
* >24h at level 2 (up to 4) of transmission power

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