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UBOT 3D S+ 3D Printer


Product available on request

Delivery time: 14 work days (depends on Your localisation)


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Basic Specifications for a 3D Printer

The product has its own proprietary software,

written specifically for the printer Ubot (not open source)

UBOT 3D Printer S + version

The UBOT 3D S + is the most advanced model. In addition to its basic function, it also has an enhanced X and Y resolution of 3.125 microns and a heated table.

UBOT 3D S + is a printer for professionals who value their independence (multi-material) and very high quality prints.

Print technology                        FFF
Working area                             250 x 250 x 250
Print accuracy of                       60 - 350 microns
Axis X resolution:                      6.25 microns Y: 6.25 microns
Supported formats                    STL, OBJ
Supported                                  Windows XP / 7/8/10; MacOS
FILAMENT                                  Diameter 1.75
Material                                      PLA, ABS, PET and others
Ambient temperature range     15 - 35 ° C
Power supply                             230 VAC 50Hz
Removable table                        yes
Illuminated work area               yes
SD card slot                                yes
External dimensions                  46.5 x 49.0 x 53.5

1 year warranty (possibility to renew)


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