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Filament Spectrum PLA Premium Pacific Blue


Biodegradable, easy-to-use 3D printing material


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Filament Spectrum PLA Premium Pacific Blue


Diameter 1.75 mm 2.85 mm
Color Pacific Blue
Dimensional tolerance 0,05mm
Printing temperature 200-240oC 190-230oC
Heated table not required
Net weight 1000 g
Gross weight 1400 g
Spool dimensions avg. ext. 20 cm, diameter ext. 5.2 cm wide, 6.7 cm wide
Specific weight 1.24 g/cc
MFR (210oC/2.15kg), g/10 min. 6 (ASTM D1238)
Temperature of thermal deformation 55oC
Tensile strength at break 53 MPa (ASTM D882)
Tensile strength 60 MPa (ASTM D882)
Modulus of elasticity 3,5 MPa (ASTM D882)
Impact resistance 16 J/m (ASTM D256)


  • biodegradable raw materials
  • printing without a heated table
  • easy object separation after the printing process
  • high strength and stiffness of elements
  • easy machining of the model
  • relatively low melting point
  • does not shrink after cooling
  • it is not flammable

The kit includes:

  • Filament wound on a transparent spool with information about the material, diameter and suggested printing temperature
  • Vacuum packed with desiccant, additionally user manual inside
  • Fully foiled in the company's cardboard

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