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Fiberlogy HIPS Filament 3D Printers 1.75mm


Filament for 3D printers in FDM technology.


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HIPS can be used as basic material for printing or as a support for other types of filaments. Accuracy and lighter weight of printing enable to use it in modeling, creating miniatures and parts of costumes. The possibility of dissolving of this filament allows it to be used as support material for highly complex printing and subsequent rinsing it out from proper printing.


Net weight : 0.85 kg

Printing temperature: 235°C — 250°C

Bed temperature: 90 - 110°C

Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm

Oval tolerance: +0.01 mm

Colors Available:

  • black

  • graphite

  • natural

  • white


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