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Scanatech - the scanning revolution

Technological development has a huge impact on all areas of our life. A perfect example of this are scanners that have recently become very popular. They can be used in engineering, medicine, construction, mining, construction, aerospace, entertainment, archeology and palaeontology. We will present Scantech models that deserve a distinction. Professionale Scantech 3D scannershave sensors that ensure the speed of measurements. In addition, they have been designed to be comfortable and at the same time safe during use.

The most popular scantech scanners

Scantech scanners3D Simscanthishandheld scanners that lie perfectly in the hand and thus make it easier to get the job done. The entire scanning process can be done with one hand. Thanks to its low weight, the scanner is extremely ergonomic for the user. It is intended for use primarily in the automative industry, energy, in the production of various forms, during quality control, in machine building, architecture or in all kinds of research.

Scantech Trackscan 3D scanneruses intelligent optical tracking measurement technology and high-quality optical equipment. Due to the fact that it can be used outdoors, it performs a very precise 3D measurement withoutps: // ">use of reference points . The system with which the device is equipped is used in quality control, research and development offices and reverse engineering. It has the ability to switch between different operating modes, thanks to which it can handle a variety of scanning situations.

Scantech KSCAN 3D scanner - Magicis the most versatile handheld scanner. It has a built-in photogrammetry system, which is why it is often used in geodesy. It has exceptional scanning speed, accuracy and detail. The laser inside the device works on infrared, and its maximum scanning area reaches even 1440 × 860 mm.

= "">Scantech brand scannersIreal 2Eare an excellent tool mainly used to recreate textures, details of the scanned model and colors. It was designed for large and medium-sized facilities. More importantly, the laser is not harmful and can be used for 3D scanning of the human body. To ensure the safest and most convenient scanning, Ireal usesref = "">structured light technology .