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WHAM BAM SLAP MAT 240 mm x 500 mm

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Silicone pad for 3d prints

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WHAM BAM SLAP MAT 240 mm x 500 mm / 9.5 in x 19.7 in

The Slap Mat is made of 100% high-quality silicone that will not be damaged by printer resin, most chemicals or adhesives. Stop working with toxic substances on cardboard boxes and paper towels. Perfectly protects the work surface, you can freely spill and splash as much as you like. After finishing work, it is enough to place the mat outside, where, for example, the resin will harden. It can be easily removed later by bending the mat. It will work as a basis for 3D printing.

Slap Mat will also work as a general craft mat, protecting the table from sticking, filling, painting. It is resistant to molten solder and contact of the soldering iron tip for up to 3 minutes.

It will work with:

- 3D printing

- soldering

- bonding and handling epoxy resin

- puttying and painting

- and much more!

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